Our Glitterful Getaways are 1-2 day stays at one of our Partner hotels or resorts. These partners have paired up with Sprinkle Love to provide a special experience for a child, teen, or young adult facing a serious chronic Autoimmune Disease or related illness who have NOT been on a trip or vacation due to medical expenses.

These special trips are reserved for families who have been severely impacted by medical expenses and/or financial hardships due to their child's illness. 



All of our Glitterful Getaways include:

  • Overnight accommodations at a parter hotel
  • Access to any and all amenities provided by the hotel
  • 1 Dinner with the founder and director of Sprinkle Love
  • A private photo session to celebrate your hero
  • Sprinkle Love T-shirts and goodies
  • Other surprises and experiences! 
(Travel, meals excluding 1 dinner, and incidentals not covered by Sprinkle Love or the participating hotels. These are the responsibility of the family.)

Jack enjoying a special wreath making activity during his trip!

Jack enjoying a special wreath making activity during his trip!


Our Glitterful Day Trip's are 2-5 hour trips to local partner establishments and/or activities to help distract both our heroes and their families from the hectic lifestyles they live due to serious chronic Autoimmune Diseases or related illnesses. These are not overnight trips, but magical day trips full of lot's of love and surprises. 

These Day Trip's are reserved for families who have been impacted in any way by medical bills relating to their child's illness. 

Examples of day trips include: Movies, concerts, plays, museums, indoor amusement parks, zoo's, painting studios, bowling alley's, dinning experience's, waterparks, factory's, etc. 


  • Tickets or entry for the entire family 
  • Any included amenities at the establishment
  • A "Glitter fairy" Volunteer to make your day special
  • A Sprinkle Love-T for the participant
  • Private photographer to capture your day (when possible)
  • Snacks or a meal (when possible)
  • VIP upgrades (when possible)
(Travel and meals (when not provided) are not covered by Sprinkle Love or our partner establishments.)


Do we get to pick the location?

-Yes and no. When your sign your child, teen, or young adult up for either a Getaway or Day Trip we will ask you to provide a short write up about your hero. This includes his/her likes, favorite places, or a place they wish they could visit or experience. Our partners are always changing, and we will contact you when the right experience comes up. We take in consideration your heroes age, likes, and location before offering you a sponsored trip. We also do "contests" for our big trips where you can apply directly for an already established getaway. 

Do we have to be Illinois residents to apply?

-Yes. While we would love to help all young people fighting Autoimmune Diseases and related illnesses, we are focused on giving back those currently residing within Illinois.

Can we go on more then 1 day trip?

-No. Because of the nature of our programs, we only allow each family to participate in 1 Getaway or Day Trip so we can giveback to as many families as we can. 

Can we bring extended family or friends?

-Depending on the Day Trip, it may be possible to purchase extra tickets or entries for extended family or friends, however we encourage our families to take the time to enjoy their experiences on there own- to maximize family time! Depending on availability, extended family and friends are welcome to book rooms at our parter hotels or resorts during your stay. 

Can we pick our Trip month?

-Sprinkle Love provides 1 Day Trip a month and sponsors 2 Getaways a year for our participating families. We do our best to book our Day Trip's and Getaways at least a month in advance.

Can you provide medical care during our Day Trip or Getaway?

-No. Unfortunately Sprinkle Love volunteers are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice, treatment, or care. Families are responsible for looking up safety and medical services beforehand for the selected venue. 

What should we bring?

-Before your Getaway or Trip you will get a detailed list of things to bring! 

Can we reschedule our trip for an unexpected emergency?

-We know all too well how unexpected health emergencies can impact your life. If this should happen, we will do everything we can to reschedule your Trip or Getaway. Please understand that a lot of planning goes into both experiences by Sprinkle Love and our partners. There may be some experiences that unfortunately cannot be re-booked. These would include: Date specific tickets to movies or shows, date specific entry to special venues and experiences. If you should have to cancel your trip please let us know ASAP. We may not be able to reschedule your trip within the same month, and it could be as long as 6 months to a year before another trip can be put together. 

We are going on a day trip, can we purchase shirts for our whole family?

For our Day Trip's a special shirt is provided for the hero only. The family is welcome to purchase shirts in advance if they wish! Adult shirts are $25 and children's shirts are $18

Does our application ever expire?

-No! Your application for a Getaway or Day Trip never expires. The only thing we ask is that if your heroes health status or diagnosis changes that you let us know so we can update your information. Even after you are granted an experience we will still keep your information on file for events, possible sponsorships, Love Mail, and other goodies as our foundation slowly grows. 

Are we Guaranteed an experience?

Unfortunately we cannot Guarantee that all families who apply will get an experience. We strive to help as many families as we can and match Getaways and Trip's to each heroes specific personality.

Do we need to provide private information?

Sprinkle Love respects our families privacy. We will never share your personal information with third party websites or businesses. When you apply for a Getaway or Trip you are agreeing for us to share limited information with our partners to help enhance your experience. Credit cards and other forms of payment are never shared through our website. Hotels and resorts may ask for your credit card information for incidentals on reservations. We reserve the right to ask for a letter from your child's doctor confirming their eligibility, but no medical records will be required. 

What are the age qualifications?

We accept applications for those between the age of 3 and 25. Unfortunately most trips and activities are geared towards toddlers and above. We believe that making sure the child is old enough to enjoy their special day is very important. There may be some events and venues that have a minimum or maximum age limit, we will take this into consideration before granting you a Trip. 


Anthony enjoying time in the pool!



Heroes Name *
Heroes Name
(Please be sure to include names of siblings)
Address *
Please be as descriptive as possible
Please indicate how far you are willing to travel for a Getaway or Day Trip- remember travel is NOT included.


My son Anthony has had a rough start to his first 2 years of life. He’s had multiple surgeries and hospital stays which has been really difficult at times. When I learned that Sparkle Love was providing an opportunity for a family to win a weekend getaway to Green Lake, WI I decided to submit my son, Anthony’s story and see if we could win the trip. We have been through so much, so we thought it would be great to have a nice weekend getaway just enjoying fun times with our kids.

We left for the Heidel House in Green Lake. We got the keys to our room and as soon as we went in, we knew that we were totally getting spoiled. We had a Christmas tree in our room with stockings under it for Anthony and his twin sister Sophia. There were also presents under the tree and on the bed. Toys, candy, blankets, personalized towels, activity boxes! The kids were so excited! We also had an awesome room with a view of the lake. We decided to just hang out and take it easy the first night. We unpacked and went out to dinner. We came back to the hotel and went for a swim in the indoor swimming pool. Both kids had such a blast and didn’t want to get out when it was time to leave!

Saturday was a day full of fun activities. First we were able to have a very yummy breakfast buffet with Santa. The food was great and the kids got to meet Santa and sit on his lap and take pictures. After this we went on a horse drawn carriage ride around the resort. It was a lot of fun and both Anthony & Sophia had great fun! After that we went and decorated some Christmas cookies. That was a lot of fun and a lot of a mess!! Soon after this we meet with Santa again for some pictures and story time with Mrs. Clause. What great memories we have! After that we went back to the room and had pizza and pasta delivered to our room for lunch, yum! At this point the kids were really tired, so my husband stayed with them while they took their naps. At this time, I headed over to the spa and was treated to a very relaxing and enjoyable hand massage and manicure. What a treat that was. Later that evening we ended up going out to dinner with the other family that also was there for the weekend along with the amazing Felicia, founder of Sprinkle Love. It was great food and great conversation and nice to take the focus away from Anthony’s health problems and just focus on having fun. We went home the next day, but took a weekend full of memories with us.

I am so thankful for a program like Glitterful Experience’s. It was so special to be together as a family and just have a fun time and not have to think of all the problems and troubles Anthony has gone through. The last two years have been very trying and exhausting, but just this little time away was the rejuvenation that we needed. No hospitals, no therapies, just us as a family being “normal”. Not only did we get this great trip, we were treated like royalty with such a great room and fun activities and such great presents for the kids. We will always remember how much fun we had and will be forever grateful to Sprinkle Love (Formerly ITA)!
— ~Sarah LaFata~ (Tony, Sophia & Anthony)